Theodosios Famprikis

Theodosios Famprikis

“It was a great way to see different things between two countries and 4 cities.”


Theodosios Famprikis — FAME 2014-2016 alumnus

Hello, I’m Theodosios. I did my first year of Fame Master in Grenoble INP and the second year in TU Darmstadt. My first internship was in Karlsruhe and the second one in Bordeaux. I’m now about to finish my PhD study at the Laboratoire de réactivité et chimie des solides.


FAME+: How did your experience at FAME Master help you find this PhD position?

Théo: My current PhD position is also a joint European doctoral programme managed by a consortium similar than FAME. My supervisor has valued the fact that I had already Erasmus Mundus experiences. FAME definitely helped me to get this PhD opportunity.


FAME+: Has FAME Master contributed to your personal development?

Théo: FAME let me see more possibilities in the life.


FAME+: How would you describe FAME Master in three words?

Théo: International mobility, connection with people with different background