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FAMEAIS Master – first E-project Get-together week

On the week of the 13th to the 17th of March 2023, the FAMEAIS consortium held its E-project Get-together week in Grenoble. First year students from Grenoble and from TU Darmstadt met up for 5 days of inspired work.

The week was dedicated to filming a video of under 3 minutes on the topic of piezoelectric devices, with no particular restriction on the format, to present projects elaborated in 6 groups of 3 to 5 students, mobilising the knowledge acquired during the first semester. The 6 groups were made up of students from Grenoble and Darmstadt, who had already started working together remotely.

On the first day, students all gathered and started working with the help of several supervisors, among whom researchers and PhD students from consortium universities. FAMEAIS students were provided with high quality material to shoot their clips and present their ideas. They were then confronted with a short theory test, before attending a conference on High Power Laser Facility at ESRF.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, students regrouped again to work, ask questions to their supervisors, and some walked the city of Grenoble to create content for their presentation videos.

On Thursday morning, a final effort to complete the videos preceded the high peak of the week in the afternoon. Students, supervisors, programme directors from the FAMEAIS consortium and FAMEAIS staff came together to watch the students’ short videos. The projects demonstrated the students’ creativity and originality in convincing, humorous and aesthetic clips on various themes related to materials sciences, such as health, sports or security. Programme directors from all partner universities then introduced the local curriculum of FAMEAIS programme and their university campus, which led to conversations with students to finish the afternoon.

On their last day, students enjoyed a sunny morning to visit the city. Finally, the week ended with two introductory classes of the next module given by the e-project week supervisors, and all attendees went home after several days of reflection and sharing.


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