FAMEAIS Student events

FAMEAIS Master E-project week in Grenoble – March 11th to 15th 2024


First year FAMEAIS students from Grenoble INP and TU Darmstadt gathered in Grenoble from March 11th to 15th 2024 for five days of work, creativity and laughs.

This week marks an important phase of the e-project students have been working on in groups since October 2023. Each group had to imagine and create a short video on the topic of thermoelectricity, mobilizing all the knowledge acquired since the beginning of the academic year. The main criterion was to make it understandable for a large audience.

The six groups started working remotely before gathering in Grenoble to shoot and edit their videos. During the week they were supervised and mentored by researchers and PhD students from consortium universities.

On Monday, they were briefed on the organization of the week and started working together with the mentors after they took an exam earlier in the afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday were fully dedicated to work, the making of the video and time with mentors. On Thursday, students had around two hours to finalize their videos before attending an introductory lecture on Machine learning. After lunch, students, mentors, supervisors and FAMEAIS officials gathered to watch and evaluate the videos. Students were given presentations of each consortium universities and met the Progamme directors with whom they discussed afterwards.

Finally, on Friday, everybody got to enjoy a sunny snowshoe hike in the mountains to celebrate the e-project week!

For the final phase of the e-project, students have a last module called “Using AI tools for thermoelectric material selection and beyond”. They will have to reproduce a geometric optimization study of a thermoelectric module, replacing the thermoelectric material that the authors used by another one that was assigned to each group at the beginning of the project.