FAMEAIS Student events

FAME+ 2023 Summer school

From the 2nd to the 4th of July, our last FAME+ cohort got the opportunity to meet in Louvain-la-Neuve for their Summer school. The summer school had not taken place in person since 2020 because of the COVID-19 restrictions, so students made the most out of it.

On the first day, the FAME+ team and consortium welcomed students over a welcome drink and dinner, where they reunited with classmates they had not seen for a few months. The Summer school was the occasion for each of the students to present their Master thesis in front of their classmates, the consortium and the External Quality Assurance Board experts. Depending on their mobility university, some had already finished their thesis and some had not, but all of them sparked curiosity and interest in their classmates and professors.

On Monday afternoon, it was the alumni’s turn to speak on their experiences and life after FAME and FAME+. Matin Rostamitabar, Stefan Marinkovic and Elina Natzmutdinova participated in this workshop. They presented their carrier path, research and shared pieces of advice on decision making, preferences and personal journeys after FAME+. After that, everyone attended a scenic dinner at the Louvain house with a view on the lake at sunset, to celebrate the reunion.

On Tuesday, students were awarded their FAME+ certificate by the coordinators. This important moment was immortalized through group photographs. They then discovered one of the city’s museum on Hergé, a famous cartoonist, known for creating The Adventures of Tintin, and visited the rest of the city before gathering one last time to go bowling altogether.

The two years of studying are over, but the journey of their professional life has just started. Good luck to all the 2023 FAME+ graduates!