Elina Nazmutdinova

“The FAME+ program offers a wealth of knowledge and resources, and it’s important to take advantage of them.”

Elina Nazmutdinova— FAME 2019-2021 alumna

FAMEAIS: What was your specialisation in the FAME+ Master and what year did you graduate? What is your current position (PhD, job)?

Elina: I was specialising in Engineering of Polymer and Hybrid Materials and Nanostructures at Université catholique de Louvain.

I am a 2021 graduate.

My current position is Ph.D Student in International Graduate School BACCARA (stands for Battery Chemistry, Characterization, Analysis, Recycling and Application) at the University of Münster in University of Münster (known as WWU Münster).

FAMEAIS: How did your experience at FAME+ Master help you find this position?

Elina: It was a straightforward process, and I was able to choose my current position from several offers, both from universities and industry.

My experience in the FAME+ Master’s program was crucial to securing my current position. Specifically, the program provided me with a strong material science background, with a specialization in materials applicable for energy solutions, which has proven to be invaluable in my current role. In addition, the program provided me with a broad understanding of the latest technologies and innovations in the field of materials science, helping me stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements. The research project that I carried out at UCLouvain set a strong foundation for my continuing education in the field of all-solid-state-li-ion batteries.

Furthermore, the FAME+ program helped me develop essential skills for my current role, such as the ability to relocate. The program provided me with an opportunity to study in different countries, which helped me become more adaptable to new environments and cultures. This experience has proven to be valuable, allowing me to quickly integrate into my new role and be effective in my work.

FAMEAIS: Has FAME+ contributed to your personal development?

Elina: Overall, I would say that the FAME+ program has been a significant contributor to my personal development. The program not only provided me with scientific knowledge but also enhanced my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, especially studying during COVID lockdown. The numerous projects that we carried out during the program helped me to develop these skills, as well as my communication and collaboration abilities. Additionally, the international nature of the program and the opportunity to study and work with people from different backgrounds has broadened my perspective and helped me to develop a more global outlook. These skills have proven to be valuable to me even today, as I continue my academic pursuits as a Ph.D. student and student spokesperson at the International Graduate School BACCARA .

FAMEAIS: According to you, what are the particularities of the FAME+ Master?

Elina: To my mind, FAME+ Master program offers a unique international study opportunity combining interdisciplinary approach to materials science, encompassing a range of topics such as material synthesis, characterization, modeling, and device fabrication with numerous hands-on research projects, and industry internships, providing graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the latest materials science technologies and trends for pursuing careers in academia and industry.

FAMEAIS: What did you most like about the FAME+ experience?

Elina: What I most enjoyed about the FAME+ experience was the opportunity to meet and work with people from diverse backgrounds, both within the program and at international universities where I carried out my studies. Some of these individuals have become close friends, and we still keep in touch and collaborate on projects together. Additionally, the knowledge and skills I gained through the program continue to be invaluable to me in both my personal and professional life.

FAMEAIS: How would you describe the FAME+ Master in 3 words?

Elina: Multidisciplinary, Innovative, International.

FAMEAIS: Do you have any pieces of advice for new students?

Elina: First, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The FAME+ program offers a wealth of knowledge and resources, and it’s important to take advantage of them. Second, make as many connections as possible. Networking is key to success in any field, and FAME+ provides a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with fellow students, professors and professionals in the industry. Finally, be proactive and show initiative. It’s never too early to start thinking about potential topics for your internship or thesis, so don’t hesitate to come up with your own ideas and pursue them.