A well-established and working infrastructure

The FAMEAIS master programme (
Functional Advanced Materials Engineering with Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability) is based on an existing Erasmus Mundus Joint Master FAME+ (Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering). It is running since 15 years and has granted more than 300 graduates, coming from the major countries from around the world.

The new FAMEAIS programme aims to provide high-level graduates for European research and industry, proactive in mobilizing artificial intelligence methods and addressing the sustainability challenges in the field of Advanced Materials, a strategic key enabling technology for European competitiveness.

The FAMEAIS programme involves the same 7 European high level universities (Grenoble INP-UGA, TU Darmstadt, U. Aveiro, U. Augsburg, U. Bordeaux, U. Liège, U.C Louvain) from 4 countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal) and provides a broad coverage of different education systems in Europe together with the way to integrate them in a large educational and industrial community.

Students start in one of two partner universities (Grenoble INP-UGA, France; TU Darmstadt, Germany) for the first year, then move on to another partner university for the second year. (see:  mobility).

This scheme ensures a common basic level of competences on the one hand through the coordinated curriculum developed between Grenoble and Darmstadt, and a high-level specialisation offered by each of the partners according to the particular needs and preferences of the students for the second year.

FAMEAIS curriculum implements Artificial Intelligence training and sustainability considerations through the teaching of Physics and Chemistry of Materials. The teaching assets rely on innovative learning practices based on learning-by-doing approach, virtual exchanges and blended mobility. Associated partners from industry, RTOs, worldwide universities and alumni are strongly involved in student mentorships, e-seminars, plant visits, company internships and master thesis.  Fully taught in English, this 120 ECTS master programme will lead to Double Master Degrees in Materials Science and has the ambition to provide Joint Degrees.

The FAMEAIS graduates, prepared to work in a multicultural professional environment, will join industry and/or PhD positions, or even start their own business in the technological domain of functionalized advanced materials, tackling both technological and sustainability challenges.