Study Programme & Mobility

The FAME+ programme is a two-year (120 ECTS [1]) Master of Science Program offered in English

by 7 universities of 4 different countries (France, Germany, Belgium, and Portugal).

These institutions host world-renowned leading research laboratories

in the field of  Advanced Materials Science.

The students will benefit from the best practices used at these institutions and will take part in the management of scientific research-oriented projects.

The course consists of 4 semesters study of 30 ECTS each including a Master thesis in a European research laboratory.

Students are required to spend Year 1 and 2 in at least two institutes from different countries.

Mandatory and optional courses are integrated and taught by distinguished professors and researchers  belonging to the FAME+ Consortium including industrial and worldwide partners.

For a detailed program and modules description follow the links :

Grenoble INP Year1 : General curriculum on Materials Sciences
Year2 : Materials for Micro- and Nano-Technologies
TU Darmstadt Year1 : General curriculum on Materials Sciences
Year2 : Functional Ceramics : Processing, Characterization and Properties
U. Augsburg Year2 : Materials Interfaces: Surfaces, Composites and Coatings
U. Aveiro Year2 : Nano-materials and Hybrids
U. Bordeaux Year2 : Advanced Hybrid Materials and Ceramics by Design
U. Liège Year2 : Nano-Materials and Modelling
U. Louvain Year2 : Engineering of Materials and Nano-structures