A well-established and working infrastructure


The FAME+ master programme is based on an existing Erasmus Mundus program FAME+ (Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering). It is running since 10 years and has granted more than 200 graduates, coming from the major countries from around the world.

The new FAME+ programme involves the same 7 European high level universities (Grenoble INP, TU Darmstadt, U. Aveiro, U. Augsburg, U. Bordeaux, U. Liège, U.C Louvain) from 4 countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal) and provides a broad coverage of different education systems in Europe together with the way to integrate them in a large educational and industrial community.

Students start in one of two partner universities (Grenoble INP, France; TU Darmstadt, Germany) for the first year, then move on to another partner university for the second year. (see: mobility).

This scheme ensures a common basic level of competences on the one hand through the coordinated curriculum developed between Grenoble and Darmstadt, and a high-level specialisation offered by each of the partners according to the particular needs and preferences of the students for the second year.

The fast evolution of the field of Nanomaterials and Functional Materials Sciences requires a strong consortium with recognised educational experience in the field, close links between education and research, and awareness of industrial evolutions. These needs are met in this proposal by the integration of academic excellence of the partners, of their involvement into advanced research networks, and of their links to key industrial players in the field.

Horizontal integration of approaches (i.e., at master level) is demonstrated by the joint master programme successfully developed by the partners over the past ten years. Vertical integration in advanced materials research (i.e., beyond the master) is ensured by the participation of most partners to the IDS-FunMat doctoral school, previously funded within the Erasmus Mundus programme, now running under support of the Marie Curie-Sklodowska programme; this continuity between Master and PhD programmes is an important added value.

Furthermore, awareness to the industrial world is strengthened in this new version of the master by a series of mechanisms including, but not limited to, internships, participation of industrial players to the higher skill formation, possible master theses led in companies, inclusion of industrial aspects in the FAME+/e project, and support from companies.