Call for master students

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Who can apply?

Students  from European and non-European countries are welcome to apply for the FAME+ Master program.

Students apply to follow the FAME+ Master Course. (See : Admission Criteria, Selection Process & Tuition fees).

Tuition fees and scholarship amount depend on the origin of applying student. A distinction is made between students coming from Programme [1] and Partner [2] countries.

Admission deadlines:

  • Programme and Partner country students applying for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarships : January 31st, 2022 (confirmation of scholarship around July 2022)
  • Students applying to join FAME+ master with their own-financial means [3] : April 15th, 2022

Applicants will be selected by the FAME+Master Admission Committee and informed April/May.

[1] 28 Member States of the European Union plus Turkey, FYROM, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

[2] Countries other than those mentioned above

[3] Self-funded students are either self-paying students or students who have been awarded a scholarship other than Erasmus Mundus JMD scholarship

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Students applying for the FAME+ master and an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship:

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The second selection wave, for students with own financing will be open from February 1st to April 15th 2022.

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