About FAME+


The Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering Master Program : FAME+ is an international master program , which gathers leading universities and scientists in Europe, sharing the latest developments in Materials Sciences.

The fast evolution of the field of Nanomaterials and Functional Materials Sciences requires a strong consortium with recognised educational experience in the field, close links between education and research, and awareness of industrial evolutions. These needs are met in the FAME+ master programme by the integration of academic excellence of the partners, of their involvement into advanced research networks, and of their links to key industrial players in the field.

Awareness to the industrial world is strengthened in this new FAME+ version by a series of mechanisms including, but not limited to, internships, participation of industrial players to the higher skill formation, possible master theses led in companies.

Several industrial partners, BOSCH (DE), SOLVAY-RHODIA (BE-F)), AGC (BE), Bosch Thermotechnologies –(PT), NAVIGATOR –PT) MERCK (DE), SCHNEIDER (F) strongly support the FAME+ program.

In the same way important European technology centers for functional materials in partner countries (CEA (F), Fraunhofer (DE),  IMEC (BE), Certech (BE), LIST (LU), ICMAB/CSIC (ES)) and EMMI, the European Multifunctional Materials Institute, are supporting FAME+ as Associated Partners.

FAME+ also benefits from a large number of international associated academic partners, from Thailand (2), Vietnam (1), Sri Lanka (1), Indonesia (1), Uzbekistan (1), Brazil (1), United Emirates (1), Burkina Faso (1), Cameroon (2), Côte d’Ivoire (1), Sénégal (1), Japan (1), China (1), USA (2), Canada (1). These institutions will help promoting the master, propose students and scholars, and deliver specific lectures particularly at summer schools.

The FAME+ master is also innovative in terms of pedagogy, and implements different mechanisms for an integration  at both the social and study levels. These activities ensure the cohesion of the entire FAME+ cohort and integration of the students in a vibrant community of future professionals.