Selection Process & Tuition fees

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An initial selection checks formal admission criteria (completeness of the application) and the eligibility for FAME scholarship [1].


The FAME Master consortium then assesses all applications according to qualitative selection criteria : academic records, curriculum relevance with FAME Master, institution reputation, motivation, reference letters, English level, prof./research experience).

If pre-selected, the student will be invited to an interview, (by phone or videoconf.) which will be held in English language.

For Programme and Partner country applicants, the official selection list will be known around April [2]

NB: If you have NOT been contacted by email at that date, this means you are NEITHER part of the Main nor Reserve List.

If you have not been selected for FAME scholarship but your profile presents a high academic level, you are automatically considered for 2nd recruitement wave, i.e. application to join FAME master with your own financial means. However, you will be contacted per email in order to find out whether or not you accept to apply as self-funded student.

First recruitment wave

Applicants requesting an Erasmus Mundus scholarship have to apply before 15th January 2020.

Second recruitment wave

Applicants not requesting a scholarship have to apply before 15th April 2020 and are informed at the end of May. 

The final selection will ensure a good balance in terms of countries of origin of the incoming students.


Tuition fees (participation costs)

  • For EU students participation costs come to 4 000€ per year. Remind that for Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders this cost is covered by the scholarship.
  • For non EU students participation costs come to 9 000€ per year.

Appeal procedure

“The appeal procedure can only come into play if a candidate feels that the consortium/partnership has not handled his/her own application in line with the scholarship application and selection process as described on their website and as presented to the Agency. In other words, the appeal cannot concern the decision itself, (usually negative) but only an alleged error made in the process that has resulted in the contested decision. Candidates who followed the application process and complied with the application deadline but were denied selection due to unmet selection criteria and have reasons to believe that a mistake has been made during the selection procedure have the right to appeal the FAME Selection Board’s decision. To do so, they have to give clear details by email to why they consider a mistake has been made during the selection process. The appeal has to be submitted before the end of July of the year of application”

[1] All applicants must maintain a current and correct email address so that we can communicate via email and regular mail.

[2] The original Bachelor Diploma can be required later but prior to the enrolment in the host university.